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Post  Fairithm on Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:53 pm

Real Life First Name: N/A
In Game Name: Fairthm Lockheart
Steam Name: N/A
Skype handle: N/A
Location: BC Canada
Age: 21
Gender: N/A. Sexless
Grand Company Allegiance: Gridania
Highest DoW/DoM: 50 (I'm a Master)
Highest DoL/DoH: 50 (I'm a Master)
Facebook Profile link (we have a closed group)
www)dot(facebook)dot(com/"enter your text here" I quit cause of FB game got too addicting...

FFXIV Player since Alpha, stop playing in May of 2012. Searched a helpful community LS in August during the Yukata Festival and was invited to here. Came back starting in October, want to obtain all the achievement before they are removed, get GC complete and have fun while trying to get my selfish wish obtain =]. Oh and I'm straight but have no issue of being in here.[url][/url][url=test]test[/url]


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