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Dear Fellow LS Members,

I know the last few days have been a wild ride and left a lot of you with questions. Here I will address the events and talk about the future of the LS. I would like there to be some transparency here and I feel that everyone needs to know the events and how we are going toproceed from here.

In a nutshell, here is what happened:

On Monday, Sean (Devaki Dash) decided to break the LS pearl. This was an unplanned breaking, though it was much needed for a reform post subscription. This was done without consultation of any of the other officers in the LS. No one in the shell had any idea this was going to happen. Sean is going through some intense things in his personal life and acted on a split second decision. I know this upset a lot of us that were in the know. I understand why, as I too was one of them. I have had a few days to discuss with other members/officers and have gained some perspective.

In another split second decision, Deron (Ukiyo Neko and Ryland Collins) went and reformed the pearl. This was done to avoid a power grab from anyone else. I am not saying that any of us would do that... It was just done out of safety to keep the name and the pearl alive.

The last several days, the officers and I have been talking behind close doors via facebook and text. We have decided that we are going to proceed as follows:

Sean will be allowed to continue as part of the group. He will not be in a leadership role at this time. It is up to him whether he joins or not. I do ask that everyone continue to support him and that the mudslinging, name calling, etc. be stopped. I know emotions are running high but we need to continue as the great, loving, caring community that we are. No one will be exiled from the group and as always everyone is welcome here. Please show him support and send love his way. Right now, he needs us more than ever.

I have spoken to Kenny (Note Atlas), who formed the original LS we came from which was QR (Quetzalcoatl Regents). He would love to step back in but at this time, just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to XIV. He has given his blessing for what we are going to do for going forward.

Therefore, going forward, I will be taking over the role of Master of the LS. This will be in title only as I will share responsibilities with the other officers and we will co lead the LS. Franky (Surfer Carolina) will be stepping down as an officer but will continue as part of the LS. At this time, the officers will continue to be Vinny (Levin Azure), Deron (Ukiyo Neko), Nick (Howl Jenkins) and Myself (Cameron Raad). We will need additional officers and would love some of you to nominate others you think would be fit to help. We want people that are here often, helpful, and a benefit overall to the LS. We have a few ideas ourselves, but want to hear it from you. If you would like to keep it anonymous, please send me a message here. With that said, we will be promoting Brenda (Oreo Cobo) right away. She has been great through this entire process and is always available to help. In short, we all love Brenda. <3

As for the shell itself, we need to decide what we want to do. One idea has been to get a new name all together. I have suggested 7th Umbral GayGamers. Deron suggests a play on 2.0 like GayGamer V2. Feel free to comment with name ideas as well. The other suggestion is another pearl break. This would be scheduled and would like to have as many people on as possible at that point to repearl. We could schedule that for a Sunday since that is the highest traffic day in game. I am always on then as I work Saturdays. Deron would break the existing Pearl and I would build a new one right away. I am leaving that open to suggestions.

Going forward, I also want to let everyone know, you are welcome to be a part of another linkshell. Even if that means that it is a core group from the GG family. I understand that some of us know each other IRL and want to have a way to talk amongst ourselves more easily. I have nothing against this. I also have another shell that I am a part of for doing things like Ifrit or just people to chat with at 3am when I am still up and most of GG is in bed.

I want this to be about the community so please share ideas with us. We would like to include everyone in the decisions that are made and make the leaders more transparent. In the past, a lot of decisions were made behind closed doors.

Just remember we are a family and as such need to support each other. Let us all please leave the past events behind and continue in our social fun times we have always had. Don't hesitate to come to me or the other officers with questions and please voice any and all concerns to us. I will maintain an open door policy and ask that the remainder of the officers do the same.

Please leave the events of the past few days behind as we begin anew as a stronger and more loving family!!!


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