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Blitzregn's Applicacion Empty Blitzregn's Applicacion

Post  Blitzregn on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:01 am

Real Life First Name: Eden
In Game Name: Blitzkriegen Bunansa
Steam Name: Captain Dongboat Z
Skype handle: eddle.blitzkriegen
Location: Reno, NV
Age: 22
Gender: Guy
Grand Company Allegiance: None yet.
Highest DoW/DoM: THM11
Highest DoL/DoH: n/a


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Blitzregn's Applicacion Empty Re: Blitzregn's Applicacion

Post  GayGamer on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:08 am

Hiya! please tell Ukiyo Neko ; Cameron Raad; Levin Azure, Howl Jenkins, or Oreo Cobo for a pearl! Welcome to GG!


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